AGEC Awarded F-35 Ground Power Unit Contract From Lockheed Martin

Aviation Ground Equipment Corp. (AGEC) has proudly supported the American aerospace industry for over 35 years, and today, we are excited to announce that AGEC was awarded the FY19 Site Activation and Hardware (SAHW) contract from Lockheed Martin to support the F-35 program.  For this new SAHW contract, AGEC will be continuously delivering diesel ground power units to Lockheed Martin through the first quarter of 2022, furthering our commitment to providing quality ground power support to American aerospace companies.  

AGEC will be delivering our newest, most reliable, diesel carts to support F-35 aircrafts across the globe.  AGEC diesel carts have a 98% mission capable operational rate, making our ground power units one of the most reliable in the entire aviation industry.  Our Engineering team has designed and developed our most technologically advanced ground power units specifically to meet Lockheed Martin’s stringent standards.  AGEC carts are equipped to support the United States and other NATO countries worldwide that are operating F-35 aircrafts.  AGEC continues to receive sustainment contracts from the F-35 program and we will continue providing quality support on these contracts as well.

The FY19 SAHW is another example of the many awards AGEC has received from Lockheed Martin and is a testament of our ability to continually deliver high-quality ground power units, on-time and on-budget.  From the inception of the F-35 program, AGEC has proudly stood behind Lockheed Martin and provided the necessary equipment needed to help Lockheed Martin develop the premier combat aircraft in the world.  

AGEC looks forward to delivering on the FY19 SAHW contract and standing with Lockheed Martin now and for years to come.

WRITTEN BY Bradley Spilka

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