Aviation Ground Equipment offers a wide variety of genuine Air Start spare parts for most common brands.

Aviation Ground Equipment stocks a wide array of Genuine Hobart and Trilectron spare parts and accessories.

Aviation Ground Equipment offers a wide variety of genuine Pre-Conditioned Air spare parts for most popular brands.


I have never in 30 years been a part of a supplier team that puts everything on the line. We have parts on order, we have parts received, I have never heard once from them we cannot do it. They say they will and do regardless of impact.

Lockheed Martin JSF SE SupportTestimonial

As a 24 years retired US Air Force Support Equipment Technician, the manual provided by your company is the best I have seen in my career. I wished I had manuals like those during my career which would have made my job a lot easier. Part of my job is to review all support equipment manuals and your company sat the example for others to follow.

NAVAIR PMA260Testimonial

AGEC has been a fantastic company to work with. From day one of the contract, they have been a part of our team with one focus: to provide the fleet a quality product, on-time and within budget. They have always stood behind their product and are proactive if an issue arises.