Scuff Rings


Designed to easily install in the field, the scuff ring reduces the drag of the cable making it much less strenuous to move around. The low profile of the ring and rounded features reduce the probability of it being caught when pulled over objects. Made of high impact nylon the scuff rings are virtually indestructible. The Patent Pending snap together clip provides a secure fit over single jacketed 260Amp 400Hz power cables. Can be installed on existing cables on the ramp without the need to remove the cable from service or new cables can be built with the rings installed. High visibility orange color provides the added benefit of being seen during all lighting conditions reducing trip


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  • Specifications


  • Effective in reducing the drag when moving the cable across the ramp
  • Molded in highly visible orange to be seen in all lighting conditions
  • Abrasion and crush-resistant
  • Made of extremely durable nylon
  • Temperature rated from –40°F to +160°F
  • Patent pending snap tighter clip mechanism clips on and stays on
  • Easily installed in the field with no need to take the cable out of service
  • Economical and provide a fast way to increase safety
  • Available for use on single jackets AC power cables power of 1.65 inches in diameter, kits are available for any length cable