115/200 VAC 400Hz Replaceable Cable Heads


AGEC offers a complete line of 400Hz replacement connectors which allow the user to replace a worn cable head in the field maximizing the life of your 400Hz power cables. Each kit comes complete with a new 400Hz plug, connections and hardware.


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All 400Hz Connectors are available in 1/0 and 2/0 AWG cable sizes.
Part numbers:

  • 1/0 AWG: ACA10
  • 2/0 AWG: ACA20


  • 5935-00-791-5371 [4-1/0 (50mm) Mil-C-5756C Single Conductor]
  • 5935-00-791-5372 [4-2/0 (70mm) Mil-C-5756C Single Conductor]
  • 5935-00-133-8607 [4-1/0 (50mm) Mil-C-5756C Single Conductor, 12/2 (2x3mm) Aux.]
  • 5935-01-115-4170 [4-2/0 (70mm) Mil-C-5756C Single Conductor, 12/2 (2x3mm) Aux.]

Compares To

  • A/C 1/0: MS25486-16, R67G4E, MS25486-30, R67G5E, CP1623-3, AC4-A10C, JB5001, 400XP-0, DB04-5906-1, DB2-4352-1A, DB2-4352, MB-4352, 2014855, 2001479
  • A/C 2/0: MS25486-17, R6721E, MS25486-31, R67G36E, 2014856, 2001491, 002231