Pre-Conditioned Air Hose Light Duty


The AGEC Light Duty Hose is 3 times lighter weight than other PVC Products in the Aviation Market without compromising durability, strength and performance. This product is available in all common lengths and diameters to fit your needs.



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  • Manufactured with hi strength lock-stitch sewn construction.
  • Industrial strength fabric with urethane topcoat applied to the exterior.
  • Three-ply reinforced insulation composition includes a closed-cell foam thermal barrier.
  • Our closed-cell foam insulation is sealed into a water-tight cavity and does not absorb or retain moisture from condensation. The insulation also includes a foil-faced surface which reduces temperature rise.
  • AvroLite compacts better for storage and deployment.
  • AvroLite has natural built in abrasion resistance making it a more durable product.
  • AvroLite performs better in puncture, burst and tensile Strength tests.
  • A smooth inner wall and reduce airflow resistance.


Length: 10, 15,20,25 feet (custom lengths available on request)

Finishing: Soft Cuffs, Hook & Loop (Velcro), Tooth Zipper

Diameter: 4″ ID,  8″ ID, 12″ ID, 14″ ID, 24″ ID (custom diameters available on request)