5400 90kVA 115/200 VAC 400Hz Gasoline


The Hobart 5400 is a mobile Gasoline-driven 400 Hz 115/200V Ground Power Unit. The 5400 Series is powered by a Ford V-10 6.8 L Gasoline engine coupled to 60Hz generator powering 2400 solid state converter. A Sliding canopy  made of durable lightweight Polyethylene provides easy access to the engine, generator and control compartments. With the new easy to use color digital display allows the operator to scroll through data at the push of button. USB connectivity allows the user to download software updates in the field and allows for easy troubleshooting. The Hobart 4400 is available in 90kVA with the optional 28.5 VDC Module and dual 400Hz  outputs.


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  • Hobart user interface
  • MIL-STD-704F, SAE ARP5015
    and ISO 6858 compliant
  • ISO 9001-Certified manufacturer
  • Fifth wheel steering
  • No load shut down
  • 75 gallon fuel tank (284 L) with at least 8 hrs. run time at max full load
  • Fork lift pockets
  • Tow bar with parking brake
  • Sliding canopy for ease of access


  • 28.5 VDC Active rectifier (simultaneous operation with 400 Hz), 600 amps continuous, 2000 amps peak
  • Unit operating beacon
  • Low fuel beacon
  • Clearance lights
  • Battery blanket
  • DIN40 towing eye
  • Military Interlock
  • Towbar Interlock
  • Tie down rings


  • Ford V-10 6.8 Liter Gasoline Engine
  • Operating temperature: -25°F to +125°F (-32°C to +52°C)
  • Power: 90 kVA Power Factor 0.8-1
  • Voltage regulation:<0.5% for balanced load and up to 30% unbalanced load
  • 75 gallon (284 L) fuel tank with at least 8 hours run time 90 kVA
  • Dimensions: 116.2″(L) x 66.2″ (W) x 70.4″ (H)
  • Weight: 4500LBS


6115-01-651-9087 (4400 90kVA / 60kVA)(Diesel Version)

Spec Numbers

Legacy Spec Numbers

  • 60CU20, 60CU24, 60G20P, 60P20P, 60J20P (60kVA)
  • 90DZ24P5, 90CU420P5, 90CU20, 90CU24, 90CU24P5, 90DZ20, 90G20P, 90P20P, 90J20P, 90GT20, 500047D, 500023, 500392A, 500044, 500013 (90kVA)

Compares To

  • Jetall: JTL60D (60kVA), JTL90D (90kVA)
  • Trilectron: 60T400(60kVA) , 90C400SLN & 90D400SLN (90kVA)
  • Houchin: C690-90 (90kVA)
  • Tug Technologies/Davco: GPU400/60 (60kVA), GP400-100 (90kVA)
  • FCX Systems:GPU060-C & GPU060-1(60kVA), GPU090-C-1 (90kVA)
  • TLD: GPU-409-E-CUP(90kVA) , GPU-406-E-CUP (60kVA)

Data Sheet

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